Benefits Of Using Games While Teaching Math

Dec 8, 2011 by

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There is a large value of using games in the classroom that remains untouched by the vast majority of teachers. Games can be used in cooperation with the learning of elementary mathematics to extend the learning of the students by an amazing amount! In addition, there are both advantages for the student, and advantages for the teacher.

The Advantages Of Math Games

The 2 main advantages for the student are that they will be learning while they are playing (which will facilitate engagement in the material), and that games will teach to a more diverse group of learning styles than simple pencil-paper calculations. Many teachers can attest to the fact that engagement plays one of the largest roles in the students understanding the information; however, those same teachers can attest to seeing hundreds of students dozing off when they are simply writing down equations on the chalkboard for 45 minutes! Mathematical games will facilitate the student engagement that will ultimately be a dominant factor in them understanding the information.

One of the main advantages for the teachers is that they get a chance to connect with the students on a same-level playing field, rather than the regular dominant playing field. I believe that a teacher will be able to connect with the students on a different level when the teacher takes out a few mathematical games and manages to participate in those games with the students. It will build rapport with the students because they will be enjoying what they are learning.

Three Examples Of Math Games

The three examples that I consider to be the most beneficial to student engagement and learning would definitely be an online mathematical game entitled Balloon Invaders (, Multiplication Bingo, and Team Tag Multiply! These three mathematical games teach the multiplication skill, and allow the students to be engaged in the learning process. All three of these games will keep students engaged because they are challenging, and provide the students with the opportunity to get better at them as they play them more! This competition, and room for improvement will definitely allow the students to be engaged in learning elementary level mathematics.


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