Weekly Classroom Schedule Template

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Every effective teacher knows that organization is one of the key factors that contribute to success in the classroom; moreover, a weekly classroom schedule template is a key piece of organization. Although teachers are supposed to be fairly flexible with their daily schedules because they experience many interruptions throughout the school day, it is a great idea to have a weekly classroom schedule to work with.

Every school works in different ways.  In some schools the principal or vice principal will provide you with your weekly classroom schedule in a template form and allow you to edit it to tailor to your students and needs. In other schools the administration will provide the teachers with their related teacher time-tables (subjects such as phys. Ed, French, and music), and ask the teachers to create their own weekly classroom schedules from scratch.

Regardless of which of the two types of schools that you teach in, you should definitely have a template of a weekly classroom schedule to utilize and edit.

You will find 2 images and files on this specific webpage. The first file is a sample of a weekly classroom schedule that includes the elementary school subjects; it works with extreme effectiveness, and has definitely provided an optimal amount of time being devoted to each of the elementary school subjects.

The second file contains an open and empty version of a weekly timeline solely with the subject times filled out. This second file can serve as the perfect tool for a teacher’s weekly schedule template to use for their own classroom. Every educational building has different times in which they switch from elementary school subjects so you can change the timed to suit your specific school.

A  Weekly Classroom Schedule That Includes Elementary School Subjects

Please download the text file of the weekly schedule that includes the elementary school subjects to print off and tailor to your class`s specific needs.

Weekly Classroom Schedule With Elementary School SubjectsA Blank Weekly Classroom Schedule Template

Feel free to download the text file of this blank weekly schedule template for your classroom so that you can fill it in with your own choice of elementary school subjects.

Blank Weekly Classroom Schedule Template

**How To Easily Edit These Weekly Classroom Schedule Templates**

It may seem like a daunting task for one to edit any of these classroom schedules, especially for those individuals that are less computer-savvy. However, it is super-easy to edit these and will rarely take you more than a few minutes to completely change the classroom schedule template that you have downloaded. All that you must do is simply:

-Right click within the cell(s) that you would like to edit, and click “merge cells” or “split cell” depending on what you would like to do with the cell(s)

-highlight the text that you would like to edit and type the text that you would like to insert