A Note To The Supply Teacher To Use In Your Emergency Plans

Sep 17, 2011 by

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Teachers try to avoid unplanned situations as much as possible; however, they inevitably happen sooner or later. You may not be able to bring in a set of lesson plans to your classroom when you are faced with an unplanned situation; however, the supply teacher must be provided with a set of lesson plans to guide them throughout the day.

Since you are unable to make it into the school, you cannot communicate your thoughts or instructions to the supply teacher. Even with a set of emergency plans and handouts being left for the supply teacher, they may not feel absolutely comfortable with what they are doing throughout the day.

I have learned to leave a simple note that is addressed to the supply teacher immediately at the front of my emergency plans binder. This note that is inside of your emergency plans binder allows the supply teacher to get a better idea of why you were not able to make it into the school to provide them with a set of day plans.

Below you will find a simple note that is addressed to the supply teacher and can be included in your emergency plans binder; you may edit it or simply use it as is.

Feel free to download the text file of this note to the supply teacher so that you can print it out and include it in your emergency plans binder.

Dear supply teacher,

Due to certain circumstances, I have been unable to leave lesson plans that were formatted for this specific day. However, you will find a various handouts and instructions that can be given to the students throughout any of the days of the week.

You will find a day plan template that I have created for a situation such as this; however, it does not include some of the times in which the students would be taught by the other teachers in this school (library, physical education, health, etc.). You may use the lesson plan and handouts that I have provided; however, please feel free to incorporate any of your own handouts, instructions, or grade appropriate lessons that you would like J.

Please take a look at the seating plan, duty schedule, class list, bus list, line retrieval plan, school entry plan, and weekly class schedule. I ask that you take into account any subjects that other teachers instruct (library, physical education, music, etc.) when planning your day.

Lastly, please enjoy your day at the school, and I really appreciate you coming in to supply for me!

**There are no known allergies in this classroom**

**I have left the templates for the handouts in this binder as well, just in case you would like to make additional photocopies**

**Please note that my duties are as follows**

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