Grade 5 Science-Conservation Of Energy Final Test

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Download the text file of this Grade 5 Science test on Conservation Of Energy to hand out to your students to complete.

True or False  ~  Label the following statements as True OR False:


1.       When you pluck the string of a guitar, you are using elastic and kinetic energy. _____

2.       Like poles of a magnet attract. _____

3.       A renewable energy source cannot be replaced. _____

4.       A disadvantage of coal is that it is a major cause of acid rain. _____

5.       Coal is used to produce electricity. _____

6.       Uranium is safe for living things. _____

7.       Most hydro-electric power plants include a dam and a reservoir. _____

8.       Three main technologies have been developed to make the best use of solar energy. _____

9.       Wind energy is the energy of still air mixed with moving air. _____

10.   Tides are created by the push of the moon and sun. _____





B.  Matching  ~  Match the forms of energy with their corresponding definition.


1.  Sound energy _____

2.  Light energy _____

3.  Heat energy _____

4.  Electrical energy _____

5.  Chemical energy _____

6.  Nuclear energy _____

7.  Magnetic energy _____

8.  Gravitational energy _____

a) the energy stored in some magnet systems

b) the energy produced when matter vibrates

c) the energy stored deep inside matter

d) the stored energy an object has because of its position above the Earth’s surface

e) energy used to cook

f) form of energy that allows us to see things

g) the energy we use to activate parts in our machines

h) the stored energy in substances that can be released in chemical reactions

C.  Multiple Choice  ~  Circle the CORRECT answer:

1.  Geothermal Energy is

a)  heat that comes from above ground

b)  heat that comes from underground

c)  usually in the form of lukewarm water


2.  Only about% of the energy from an ordinary light bulb is useful as light


a) 5

b) 8

c) 5-10


3.  Fluorescent light bulbs arethan ordinary light bulbs.

a) less efficient

b) just as efficient

c) more efficient


4.  Conserving energy means…

a) using energy faster

b) using energy wisely

c) using less energy and using it wisely



5.  The greenhouse effect

a)  is the trapping of heat

b)  is the burning of fossil fuels

c)  is global warming


E.  Short Answer  ~  Answer the following questions:

1.  Give an example of the following forms of energy:

a) chemical energy  -


b) electrical energy -


c) elastic energy -



d) light energy -


e) sound energy -





2.  Complete the following statement.

Energy cannot be __________________________________________,  it

can only be changed from one form to another.


3. Give an example of the following energy transformations:

a) chemical energy to heat/thermal energy




b) kinetic energy to electrical energy




c) elastic energy to sound energy



4. List 3 examples of ways you use energy at home.








5. Give an example of a non-renewable energy source.  Explain its advantages and disadvantages.





6. Give an example of a renewable energy source.  Explain its advantages and disadvantages.