Deviance And Conformity Sociology Group Project And Rubric For High School Students

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I have chosen to divide the class up into groups of 4 students, and allow them to choose their own mediums to present their ideas. I will begin by explaining two simple facts to them: conformity is usually regarded as a positive thing, and deviance from the norm is usually regarded as a negative thing. I will then tell them that they will be required, as a group, to present 4 different examples through 4 different mediums. They can come up with any classroom appropriate examples; however, there are only 2 simple rules: all 4 members must participate in each of the presentations, and they must use 4 different mediums (ie. Dramatic presentation, written poem, Powerpoint presentation, a group read monologue). Each group will be informed that their entire presentation should last between 20 and 30 minutes. The students will also be instructed to use a wide variety of mediums (ie. One linguistic presentation, non linguistic presentation, oral presentation, and visual presentation).


The assessment for this activity will be based on their in-class preparation, peer evaluation, and presentations. The groups will be given 2 classes to prepare their information and presentations, and then there will be 2 classes that will be devoted to the group presentation to the class. Each student will be given an overall mark for the activity that will be based on a group mark (presentation), as well as an individual mark (peer evaluation, and in class preparation). The criteria for an A+ presentation will be presented to them through the overall rubric. I feel that the students have an excellent opportunity to show some responsibility and earn an amazing grade once they have received the rubric.

Evaluation Rubric

Be sure to download the text file of the rubric

Group Presentations on Deviance And Conformity Rubric Page 1Group Presentations On Deviance And Conformity Rubric Page 2

One Page Summary

This group activity will be assigned in the middle of the section of the course that is devoted to conformity and deviance, and will take up a total of 4 classes. The entire class will be divided up into groups of 4; the teacher will encourage and ensure that students are working with others that they do not regularly work with. Once the groups have been formed, the teacher will instruct them in regards to the specific activity.

The students will have understood, through the previous lessons, that deviance is commonly regarded as a negative thing, and conformity is commonly regarded as a positive thing. The groups will be given 2 class periods to prepare their presentations, and the following 2 class periods will be devoted to the group presentations to the rest of the class. The students will be informed that they will be graded on the in-class preparation work, their presentation to the rest of the class, and the peer evaluations that their group members will be completing.

The groups will be required to come up with 4 specific examples of situations or experiences that deviate from the common ideas of deviation being negative and conformity being positive. Basically, the students will be required to create presentations that exemplify deviation being a positive thing, and conformity being a negative thing.

The teacher will then inform them of the simple rules that should govern the basis of their presentations.

-each of the 4 group members must participate in each of the 4 exemplary presentations in one way or another

-each of the 4 presentations must be presented through a different medium, and a wider variety of mediums would equate to a higher grade

-they must use their class time effectively, and come prepared with whatever their group has discussed and required.

-they can divide the work up in whichever manner that they like, as long as each group member has roughly the same amount of work.

The teacher will then hand out a sample rubric to each of the students and allow them to see exactly what they will be graded on; this removes any excuses in regards to getting a no-so-good grade. The teacher will ask each of the students to evaluate each of their group members on a scale of 1-10 in regards to their overall effectiveness and work ethic within the group; in addition, each student will be required to write down a few comments for each group member to warrant the peer-evaluation grade that they have given to them.